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Recipe Challenge: Vichyssoise

Not to bury the lead or anything, but it is time to declare our next recipe challenge! And this month it’s going to be Vichyssoise!

This is the most awesome soup for this time of year because it works equally well both hot and cold. Sweltering summer? Make it ahead and serve it chilled. Rainy stormy day? Serve it hot. See, works either way!

It’s a Level 3 recipe and for the next month, until midnight on August 21, it’s worth double the usual XP: 350!

It’s been great to see some new faces around the forum and see the successful recipes made both here and on the Facebook page! Remember that when you register a new account it may be a bit before you have forum privileges (I have to change your permissions on my side of the site, this keeps the riffraff–aka the spam-bots–down). And remember that you still have to link your picture proof in the appropriate forum to get your XP!

Also! On the 1st the next League of Kitchen Adventurers mailing goes out! If you haven’t purchased What to Feed Your Raiding Party yet but you’d like to start earning that XP, our 1-recipe-a-month offering might be just what you’re looking for!

League of Kitchen Adventurers 1 Year Membership

Until next time!

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