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Never Fear, An Update Shall Appear

Right here!

Don’t ask, I don’t have an answer. Just to be completely clear.

(Enough rhyming!)

Sooooo! On the first of the month the second edition? episode? issue? of the League of Kitchen Adventurers went out to our intrepid subscribers. Did you get your copy?! (I’d bet not since the vast majority of you AREN’T subscribers!) Now, if you already have a copy of What to Feed Your Raiding Party, LoKA isn’t going to tell you much of anything new as, right now at least, I’m just sending out the current recipes. In the future that may chance (i.e. after the wedding when I have time to finish the substitutions supplement and get back to work on the next actual expansion!). But if you DON’T have a copy of What to Feed Your Raiding Party (and how much am I wishing I’d thought up a shorter title? but nothing would have been more perfect than what we have, so I try not to dwell on it), then LoKA might actually be a good idea for you!

While I’ve yet to give it it’s own spiffy page (q.v. the aforementioned wedding shenanigans) you can find a sign-up link in the previous post (not to mention the current recipe Challenge) or you can find it in our Shop section on the Facebook page–isn’t technology grand?! And of course if you click “Buy the Book” up there you can get your own 264-page copy of the one and only (so far!) comic book cookbook for gamers sent directly to you.

Remember that leveling up now comes with definite perks! The FIRST forum member to make it to Level 5 will receive their choice of a t-shirt or apron from our Zazzle store. Ooooh! And everyone who makes it to level 5 will receive a digital badge proclaiming such, a badge that will receive augments as you continue to level up. (No, I don’t have the badge designed, yet, but it’s on the list of things to tackle in the near future. Transparency, folks, I’m a window-pane!)

In non-Raiding Party news I recently had the opportunity to create a cocktail commission for a friend we met at ACC 2012 and saw again this year. Did you know I do custom cocktails, didja? Well, now you do. Head over to Character Cocktail if your curiosity has been piqued and you want to know more. I dare ya! The newest cocktail isn’t up yet because I like to make sure the client sees it first (what a concept, right?!) and I still need to add some final details to the art. Just know that I really do enjoy creating these and I am still accepting commissions even if things may seem a little quite in Helper Monkey land.

And speaking of ACC–do you know of any cons coming up in 2014 in the southeast that would LOVE to have What to Feed Your Raiding Party bring it’s fabulousness to??? If so, let me know and I will work on making that happen. The plan is to add an awesome cooking demo (yes, with more free samples!!!) to our travelling circus so we’re definitely stepping things up in 2014. Where do you want to see us?!

Alright, folks, that’s all I can think of for this week. There’s a really good chance that (dare I say it–I don’t wanna jinx it!) we might actually have a real-life Vallora’s Diary entry when I next meet up with you here in 2 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed, kay?!

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