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Technical Difficulties

It’s a sad, sad day at Raiding Party HQ. Minnie (my not-so-creatively-named Mac Mini from 2006ish) seems to have bit the dust.

Now, granted, she was more of a media machine these days, playing Netflix, DVDs, or iTunes while I worked on my newer, faster laptop (I’m actually on my 3rd laptop since she arrived, though the first pre-dated her by at least a year). But this was the machine that saw me through starting my webcomics and did a lot of the image processing for the book, too! All but some recent photos are backed up to an external harddrive (and the ones that aren’t I have on my laptop, so it’s not like they’re gone), so I don’t think I’m going to lose much, data-wise, but this does seriously impact my usual “workflow” as I’m quite spoiled by having two computers on my desk.

(I’ll have to do some hokey-pokeying around to get to my Mac files on the partitioned external drive, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed by a trip to the office and a quick plug-in to my Mac there. Let this be a lesson to folks who use both–Macs can read either, PCs not so much, so just leave an external drive as PC, kay?)

What finally did Minnie in? I suspect it was one too many forced shutdowns thanks to the ridiculous amount of power outages we have here. {Yes, I have everything on surge suppressors. No, I don’t have power backups in place (not to mention many of the outages happen while we’re at work and last for a good hour or so. Judging by the units we have at the office, this wouldn’t help then, either.) I was hoping against hope that she was just hung-up on restart on the DVD I had in the drive (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Season 3, for the curious) and it took all sorts of shenanigans (including taking the case off!!! I am NOT a hardware tech type!) to get that out. Of course after I finally got the DVD out it won’t do anything! I even put in the disc that came with her that I’m supposed to be able to boot from but, yeah, no chimes here.

And the nearest Genius Bar? I think that’s in Jacksonville. There’s no time for a road trip when my research tells me that it’s very likely it’s the logic board.

Now would be an awesome time to order a book. Just saying.

But enough sentimentality, it’s time for a new recipe challenge! No one took up the Vichyssoise challenge (boo!) so let’s aim at the sweet tooths this time! The next recipe challenge is:

Strawberry Dumplings!

(You totally read that in the Iron Chef announcer’s voice, right?! Because that’s how it sounded in my head.)

Now, you can use fresh or frozen berries in this, and if you prefer blueberries, go for it! (Obviously you would not need to slice the blueberries, duh.) If you would prefer to use dried fruit, soak them in warm water (or warm brandy, for that matter) until plump–anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes or more depending on the size of the fruit and level of dehydration they are at pre-plumping. Base your measurements off the plumped fruit, not the dried.

You have until midnight on September 18, 2013, to upload or otherwise link to your picture proof of the Strawberry Dumplings in the forums to earn double the XP! (That’s 500 XP up for grabs, folks!) I love that many of you also post your pictures to our Facebook Page, but to count for points you’ve got to link them here. We have very few rules, after all, and that’s one of them!

Okay, I’m off to mope a bit more about my dead desktop, and then see about wiping my previous laptop to use in her stead. Gotta have tunes/movies playing or I get distracted, you know?!

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