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About the Book

What to Feed Your Raiding Party is the comic book cookbook that challenges gamers to cook their way out of the fast food dungeon!

But you probably already knew that if you’re poking around this site!

How about a little more back-story?

In January, 2008, I jotted down and idea in my red, go-everywhere notebook:

“something to meld comics & cooking. Either a cookbook done in sequential panels or a story that integrates food & cooking w/a story.
–Beyond Funyuns & Dew, What to Feed Your Raiding Party?”

I kept coming back to the idea over and over, revising what it would be. Everything from food based on the era and cultures of golden and silver-age comic book characters to a fictitious food memoir before finally coming back to the heart of the idea, and settling on the subtitle as the real title and letting that be my guide.

Originally I figured Raiding Party would be about 150 pages with between 50 and 75 recipes between the 5 sections and about 60 pages of comics, max. Books have a way of growing, though, and the finished tome was a hefty 264 pages, 90 of those comics, and more than 85 recipes including the various spice blends and other “helper” recipes. It also took just over 2 years to complete–a far cry from my early estimate of 6-9 months.

To say this was a learning experience in an understatement.

Why gamers?

When I started the book I was more gamer-adjacent than a gamer myself–that has since changed. Another awesome side-effect of immersing myself in gamer culture. What I’d noticed in my pre-gamer days, though, was that food was always present at friends’ games, but it was usually junk food, take-out or greasy snacks and soda. Yet, most of the gamers I know DO enjoy good food so I wondered if it was a matter of time (maybe cooking seems too complex but, really, rolling-up that perfect character isn’t?) or know-how: maybe what is needed is a player’s handbook, of sorts, for the kitchen!

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that game manuals and cookbooks have a lot in common, it’s just a different vocabulary. So WtFYRP features basic nutritional data in gamer-friendly terms (calories are hit points, protein is strength, carbs are constitution–things like that) and the ingredient lists are presented in chart form with three different serving sizes for each. In addition to the recipes and the comics, there are illustrations throughout the book demonstrating techniques, cooking tips and tricks so that the kitchen becomes demystified and, maybe, we’ll start seeing more home cooking around the table.

Despite the inclusion of nutritional data, this isn’t meant to be a health-focused book. Granted, I’m a healthier-type cook myself, so recipes will lean that way, but we’re not talking tofu and wheat germ, here, we’re talking about making cooking fun–the health benefits are icing on the cupcake.

About the Author

Our table ready to go at Ancient City Con
All ready on Day 1 of Ancient City Con: Bring on the crowds!

Jennifer earned her Culinary Arts degree in 2000 from Keiser University, and did a brief stint as acting pastry chef for a 4-Diamond Plantation Resort in Thomasville, GA, before giving in to the need to pay the bills and returning to her bookkeeping job at a local commercial print shop. She now blogs about food and cocktails (among other things) on her various websites.

She started her first webcomic, Cocktail Hour (nee Random Acts) in 2007, added another, Where the Geeks Are, in 2009, and knew, one day, that she’d find a way to bring together comics and food into something fun and useful. With the completion of What to Feed Your Raiding Party, she looks forward to getting back to her webcomics which have sadly been on indefinite hold since work intensified on ‘Raiding Party.

Off the web, her comics have been featured in several issues of Satyr Magazine (Main Enterprises) and her illustrations can be found in Tome of Runes (Gamers Rule) and How to Be a Finance Rock Star (Small Business Finance Forum).

There were 4 Jennifers in her 3rd grade class and, ever since, she’s been on the hunt for the perfect pseudonym. Scraps (short for Scraps of Life, her first registered domain) gradually became her default screen name, which then shortened to ¬†Scraps.

She currently lives in Tallahassee, FL, with her fiance, and calls her at-home office/studio The Abyss.

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  2. Mary Olive says:

    I am trying to order one copy of the cookbook. I don’t think it is going through. Please let me know.

    ETA: We took care of this off-site. If anyone runs into trouble with ordering or any other part of the site, do not hesitate to make use of the contact link up there and shoot me an email! ~Scraps


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