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No Points For You!

Well, at least not the bonus kind brought on by participating in the monthly Recipe Challenge! Another month with no takers, it’s enough to make a girl ARRRR! in her Grog.

(that was a very sad allusion to the fact that today is Talk Like a Pirate Day, of course)

Still, I’m nothing if not stubborn so let’s go with a really, really easy one for the next month, okay?

From now until the end of October 23, 2013, you will receive 400 XP (double the usual) if you cook, photograph, and post in the correct forum the following recipe from What to Feed Your Raiding Party:

Baked Brie! (page 54)

Seriously, this one is super simple and really good for entertaining. Or, you know, snacking on alone while you watch the entire last season of Grimm before the next one starts. Just saying.

Since we did the big Vallora’s Diary update (finally!) last week, that’s about all I’ve got to say for today.

Local folks I’ll see you at the Unicorn Party on the 28th, starting at 7pm!

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