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Food and Game Pairings

Food & Game Pairing: Dark Sun

Case Study: Dark Sun

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Races: the usual AD&D plus Mul and Thri-Keen
  • Main Setting: the desert lands of Athas
  • Setup: You and your party have been captured as slaves and are in a transport ship that is attacked, giving you the opportunity to escape. Of course, you’re stranded in a dessert with minimal supplies and, maybe, a map. Searching for civilization, water, and whatever else comes your way is the name of the game.

A hot role player is a thirsty role player–have lots of water on hand with slices of lemon or cucumber floating therein. Yeah, it’s a little spa-ish, but if you’re playing this in the south during the summer months, it won’t go unnoticed.

Erdlu are large, flightless birds (that sound a lot like ostriches) and are kept by various nomadic tribes in Athas. Their eggs are highly valued (though I’d stay away from eating them raw) so serving cheese omelets sounds like a good idea or, for the daring, a souffle! If you’ve got an ostrich or emu farm in your area, you could also serve burgers or steaks–the meat tends to be very tender and flavorful and is incredibly low fat!

Kanks are another sort of kept animals but their not so good for the eating being a large insectoid that goes rancid the moment it dies. Ick. (Much the same way lobster does if it’s not cooked immediately, so you could go that direction but…) What you do get from kanks is honey! Sounds like a perfect time to make a yummy honey cake to pass around the table–just have plenty of napkins available!

Know what else they have a lot of in Athas? Cactus. Granted, their cacti tend to be evil and blood-thirsty. Then again, so can too much tequila (tequila comes from agave, a type of cactus) so let’s indulge but keep out the thorns, yes?

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