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Planning Ahead to 2014 and Beyond

So you know I’ve got one more con scheduled for this year and then that’s pretty much it because of the wedding, right?

But that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring all book stuff for the rest of the year. Not only is there the allergy/substitutions supplement to work on (it really needs a better name than that, doncha think? Gotta work on that, too) there’s my cooking demo and  “campaign expansion”: Something Happened on the Way to the Con Suite, which will debut (all things going as planned) at Pensacon next February!

Now, what I want to know from you (yes, you) is what you might want to SEE in that demo and future expansions. Oh, of course I have my plans, but what I want to show you may not be exactly what you want to see, right? So help me out, help me make the demos and expansions better for you!

Granted, just because you request it doesn’t me I’m guaranteeing to do it (just to make sure we’re clear) but if it’s something I can manage I’ll definitely do my best.

One of the requests I have received is something with more non-messy hand-held foods for our video gamer friends out there. Con Suite will have some items that fit that bill, but it may be that we do an expansion based solely on the “Single Player” idea. I also have in mind to do a space-themed expansion focusing on a particular base ingredient, and if I can manage it, even a pet expansion for our furry friends and a riff on Gremlins.

What I’m trying to say, here, is that I have plans for Raiding Party to be around for a good, long while. And while I can do part of it on my own, it only gets me so far unless you guys and gals out there like what we’re offering.

So let’s hear it!

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