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I Knew That Sounded Too Easy!


Here with the usual Wednesday progress report and I can’t decide if where I’m at is good or not.


I like that word.

So, what?

Okay, enough, get on with it.

This weekend I finished the last 2 (for real, this time) recipes for the last chapter and entered them and the last 2 seasoning blends I wanted to include for those slightly more hard-to-find combos. Life was good, the data entry bits were done!

And they still are, really, it’s getting the files from one program to another that has caused my no little bit of distress.

See, I ended up buying Living Cookbook to handle the nutritional analysis for Raiding Party and one of the main selling points, for me, aside from the pretty decent price and all, was that you could “publish” it to Word. The resulting file I had every intention of opening in OpenOffice and then being able to import into Scribus, thus avoiding having the retype a hell of a lot of stuff.

That was the plan.

The execution? Speaking of shooting…

Living Cookbook creates docx files–and for those who don’t know, that’s the newest version of Word and proprietary and not openable by OpenOffice, apparently. Grr number 1. But we get these files at work from time to time and I’ve been able to upload them to Google Docs and open them there. So off I go to do just that aaaaaaand no. Grr number 2.

I’m still wondering if the files aren’t being created wonky, since I know Docs will handle a docx file, but whatever. There’s got to be another way, right?

Absolutely! You can export the document as a text file. Hallelujah, we can get this train back on track.


Apparently when you export a “cookbook” as a text file? You get the information you need but the organization bits? Gone. So instead of having the recipes arranged by chapter at the very least, nope, it’s all alphabetical from Adobo Seasoning to Yellow Curry.


But at least I can open the text file in OpenOffice, run the search and replace functions I was counting on and do some of the clean-up in there before bringing it into Scribus for layout. And maybe, just maybe, having it all alphabetical will work in my favor. I don’t know.

At the very least I have an easily accessible file I can copy and paste the crap out of if that’s what it comes down to.

And that’s better than having to retype everything!

Still plugging away…

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