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This, That and Everything Else

Another week’s gone by and I’m still on track! Thank the powers that be, whichever you subscribe to, for that!

Chapter 4 is completely edited and illustrated and Chapter 5 is edited, too! Now I’m working on the spot illustrations for the last chapter and it’ll be time to figure out what’s missing.

A few things I already know about, like…

  • 4 recipes yet to be entered
  • some ingredient info to track down (about half a dozen bits and pieces)
  • and a few recipes whose nutritional data just isn’t jiving, so I’ve got to dig around and find out which button I hit wrong (because I’m almost certain, in some places, it’s registering much larger units than we’re using!)
  • the illustrations for the introductory chapter
  • Oh, yeah, and to finish writing the introductory chapter bits.

Details, details.

But after this weekend I expect I’ll be able to start fiddling with my layout program (Scribus, for the curious, yay open source!) and setting up templates and figure out the best (read as: most efficient) ways to put this book together!

I have some theories on that last part, but at the risk of falling down the rabbit hole, I’m putting off trying them out until I’m somewhat less occupied but the illustration list.

Also, I’ve just about finalized the formula I’ll be using to assign XP to each recipe, which means I can finalize the leveling structure for the—

Oh, right, I haven’t told y’all about that, yet.

And I’m gonna be a tease and not really tell you about it, now, either. Except to say what I may have said before about wanting using the book to be as fun as making it and that I’ve got a way to incorporate some game mechanics into doing just that. There will be, in the coming weeks, lots of behind-the-scenes work to that end (at least, I hope it will be behind the scenes and not, you know, break the site in the process of everything).

More will be revealed, as always.

In other news, today is National Margarita Day and I’ve got a couple of delicious recipes over on Sips & Shots for the¬†occasion.

We’d usually be gaming this weekend but we’ve had to adjust our schedule a bit, putting it off til next weekend to accommodate a couple different calendar conflicts.

Until next time!

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