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Makes me hungry just looking at them--Bacon!

Fresh Meat!

From Vallora’s Diary

The strangest thing happened, today! Well, maybe not so strange considering we are where we are, wherever that is, but it was still strange, regardless of degree.

An elf was walking down the road this morning.

She’s the only one we’ve seen since ending up here, and it sounds like she came here through the mist as we did. At any rate, Etrigg has joined us in our advance against the Baron, for better or ill.

As we got closer to the castle hake the feeling that we were being watched. We could see no source of this feeling, but it persisted through the 5 miles we walked that morning. Travelling the winding road up to the entrance we came to a gate house, closed on both sides with no way around. Teran was able to climb to the top and, intentionally or not, found his way into the gate house and raised both portcullises. We feared a trap but our path was not otherwise blocked.

The same could not be said when we reached the door, finding it firmly shut against us. Teran scaled the lower of the walls, Vlax joining him by flight, only to have arrows shot at them, seemingly from nowhere. Thankfully none hit Teran, but it was disconcerting all the same. Teran and Vlax found their way inside and were able to open the door for the rest of us.

Moving around the courtyard we first found what was obviously a barracks, though it hadn’t been used in some time. Teran set some traps on the doors, just in case someone came down the tower stairs, then we went to move on to the rest of the doors, only to be best by 4 large, black, predatory cats approaching at speed from the trees across from us. For such large beasts they proved no match for our might, though it pained me on some level to dispatch them, I’m sure Melora knows I only killed them to save the party.

We checked the rest of the doors around the courtyard with no other hindrances. We found the kitchen and, finally, people inside but they had no interest in talking to us or helping us find the Baron. They were also incredibly pale, even for being indoor servants. They must have the white fever we’ve heard much of, though they worked steadily on.

Finally we enter what was obviously a throne room or meeting hall, judging from the grand ebony throne at one in shaped like a panther’s mouth and draped in furs. The rest of the room was draped in tapestries, but not a soul was around. Not a soul, but a mechanism.

A panel opened and this metal beast, dog-like, faced off against us, giving a tinny bark to add to the eeriness of it. Arrows were obviously no match for it’s metal, so we closed the distance to try and battle it by force, only to have it shoot sharp spikes at us that did not inconsiderable damage to many in our group! The fight continues and Shannon, bless her, manages the killing blow, causing the beastie to shatter into shrapnel and pelt the room. No good deed goes unpunished–Shannon, Larem, and Kelch took most of the damage from that one.

I write this as we patch up our wounded, heal their wounds, and prepare to explore the upper floors, soon.



So, yes, we got a new player this last session, a straight-up Eladrin Wizard, which should prove interesting. The reason for this is we’ve lost a player, too, though not in-game yet. Vlax seized a wonderful job opportunity that came his way, taking him about 4 hours south to Orlando. He was able, however, to join us via Skype, though we’re not quite sure how long that will continue.

The DM points out the map to our long-distance player over Skype video chat.
The DM points out the map to our long-distance player over Skype video chat.

Frequently during games we have out-of-context moments and I like posting them in the recaps. This was one of those times when half the room heard one thing, and the other half heard what was really said.

And there was much rejoicing was heard as And there was much undressing

Not that kind of party, guys.

But now onto the important part:

What We Fed Our Raiding Party

Lyssa made a wonderful batch of Bacon-Wrapped Artichoke Hearts

Makes me hungry just looking at them--Bacon!
Makes me hungry just looking at them–Bacon!

While I was experimenting with some Garlic-Parmesan Wings and Sweet Potato Quesadillas

Yeah, I think we'll be making these again.
Yeah, I think we’ll be making these again.
Sweet potatoes, cumin, a little salt and pepper, some oil... it worked!
Sweet potatoes, cumin, a little salt and pepper, some oil… it worked!

You see, while I can no longer have garlic or garlic powder, garlic-infused oil is safe, so I thought I might try my favorite wing flavor, baked not fried, and they turned out very well. Very well. The same goes for beans of just about any sort, but a friend told me how she subs sweet and white potatoes, mashed together and then seasoned well, for refried beans and I had to give it a shot. This was an impromptu dish so I didn’t have everything I needed to really replicate my Spicy Black Bean Dip in Low-FODMAP form (for one thing I’d use purple potatoes for color), they were quite tasty as a refried bean substitute and worked well with some cheese and corn tortillas on the griddle.


Okay, folks, that’s all the news that’s fit to print for this week. Make sure you upload your pictures from the White Chicken Chili challenge by March 21, 2013, to earn that extra XP!

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