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League of Kitchen Adventurers

Looking to get in on the Raiding Party action but not ready to buy the book, yet? Or maybe you want to whet a friend’s appetite. Either way, this is your luck day!

Right now you have two ordering options, a single 1-year subscription or, in honor of the holidays, a 3-for-2 deal perfect for gift-giving:

League of Kitchen Adventurers 1 Year Membership

For the single subscription option, it will be sent to the email address linked to your PayPal account unless you tell me otherwise.

3 for 2 League of Kitchen Adventurers 1 Year Membership

What is it?

A 1-year email subscription.

What do you get?

A single email each month (on or around the 1st of the month) with one of the recipes from What to Feed Your Raiding Party, the comic book cookbook for gamers. With this will come any illustrations that might accompany the recipe, the 3 serving sizes chart, the Culinary Stats information and, of course, the opportunity to earn XP based on the recipes you prepare!

What else might you get?

Sneak peeks at new recipes being developed for What to Feed Your Raiding Party expansions and any intel that is gathered along the way. There might be gaming history or trivia depending on what the helper monkeys dig up, too.

What don’t you get?

Anything physically delivered, this is a strictly email thing.

Also missing from the League are the 90 pages of comics, the additional tips and charts sprinkled throughout the book–basically all of the non-recipe stuff that makes the book even more fun.

What if I want to buy the book later?

We’ve got you covered! If, during your year’s subscription period, you decide to buy a copy of What to Feed Your Raiding Party you will be entitled to a $5 discount off the cover price. I mean, it’s only fair. All you have to do is email Scraps for your unique, one-time-use discount code.

What can I do with the emails?

You can store them, print them out, copy them to your personal devices, etc. all to facilitate your use of them in the kitchen.

What we’d really prefer you not do is forward them to your buddies, post them anywhere public (like on your blog, on facebook, or other social sites) or otherwise distribute them as that would be a violation of our copyright and make the helper monkeys cry. IF the helper monkeys find out you’ve been doing any of the above without their express permission, your membership will be terminated without refund and you will forfeit any discounts you may have been entitled to under the terms of this membership agreement. By purchasing a membership you acknowledge and agree to these terms.

What if I decide I don’t want the emails anymore?

If, within 90 days of your first email, you decide that The League isn’t for you, you may request a full refund of your membership price. We will be sad to see you go, but we’ll remove you from our email list and refund the purchase price of your membership with a tear in our eyes.

Any other questions?

Just email them to and the monkeys will get back to you as soon as possible.

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