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Original Press Release

Former Chef-Turned-Comic-Artist Challenges Gamers to Cook–Not Fight–Their Way Out of a  Junk-Food Dungeon

TALLAHASSEE–Estimated at 150 pages, containing a 5-part original comic series as well as over 50 recipes, the artist is accepting pledges via in order to cover production costs. Backers have the opportunity to pre-order books at a discount (a $12 pledge gets a signed copy which would otherwise be $15 after publication) as well as the opportunity to become a part of the book by having a recipe named after the backer or even be drawn into the stories that will open each chapter (at the $30 and $100 pledge-levels, respectively).

Jennifer “Scraps” Walker, the writer and artist behind the webcomics Cocktail Hour (formerly Random Acts) and Where the Geeks Are, is a 2000 graduate of Keiser’s Capital Culinary Institute and recently completed the BarSmarts Advanced Certification course. While working as a bookkeeper she began her first online comic in May, 2007, and became the Arts & Crafts Expert for shortly thereafter. With the latter contract fulfilled, she turned to a long list of projects yet to do–What to Feed Your Raiding Party was the squeaky wheel of the bunch.

While not a gamer herself, the prospect of catering to an audience she was still familiar with through friends was intriguing. “It just wouldn’t leave my head,” says the 33-year old artist. “I’d get these random flashes of inspiration in the shower or at the stove and the passion for the project brought it out of ‘eventual’ status and into the ‘must. do. now.’ column.”

The comics will follow a core cast of 3 (a girl, a guy and his dog) as they navigate 5 successive levels of food-related quests that directly relate to the recipes that follow. Chapters will be devoted to Snacks & Appetizers, Grilling, Loafs & Casseroles, Soups & Stews, and Desserts & Beverages and feature illustrations throughout, including various knife skills and cooking techniques to give novice cooks additional help. Ingredient lists will be arranged in charts with quantities for 4, 8 and 12 servings each to make cooking for small and large groups equally straightforward. Nutritional information will be given for each recipe but in gamer-friendly language (calories are health or constitution, protein equates to strength, etc.).

Pledges are being accepted through December 31st, 2009, via, which uses Amazon Payments to handle the transactions. Funds are collected only if the fundraising goal of $1,750 is reached by noon on that day. The physical tasks of writing and testing the recipes and drawing the comics will begin in January, 2010. A successfully funded Kickstarter campaign can mean the difference between a handsome, perfect bound book being available by that summer and an unknown release date based on the artist’s own finances.

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To contact the artist for further information, email Jennifer at

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