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  • Just did a bit of clean-up work (banning spammers, you know how it goes) and I updated some XP points, too!

    If your profile is incomplete or seems dodgy, I put you at Spectator status for the forums, if you want to be able to post in the forums you need to have a coherent profile and/or post relevant status updates on your wall. In other words,…[Read more]

  • For the first time since it’s release in June, 2012, What to Feed Your Raiding Party (my comic book cookbook that challenges gamers to cook their way out of the fast food dungeon) is available at pre-release […]

  • One of our plugins has stopped cooperating, so if you came to the site and saw a bunch of garbage at the top and bottom of the screen I apologize and seem to have disabled the plugin with the error.

    Unfortunately, that plugin has to do with our points system working, so I’m not sure if disabling it will affect the auto-added points for posting,…[Read more]

  • So great to see some of our newest Raiders signing up from MobiCon! I’m still in the process of unpacking but as soon as I dig out the ticket stubs I’ll get your Bonus XP applied to your accounts.

  • The image link appears to be broken but I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt 🙂 100 XP has been added to your point balance! (A total of 525 increase between both dips and the pita crisps). Another recipe or two and you’ll be ready to level  up!

  • Sorry I didn’t see this post earlier, Niles! Your points have now been updated (425 for both dips)

  • Things seem to be a bit sluggish here on the site–I’d like to think it’s because so many new fans from MobiCon are checking us out, but I suspect some updating needs to be done behind the scenes. Just in case things start looking wonky, you’ve been warned 😉

    Also, SweetCaptcha seems to be a bit buggy at the moment so I’ve deactivated it for the…[Read more]

  • Good point: spices are always going to be per your own preferences and are totally customizable. Glad you like it and your XP has been updated!

  • Glad you liked it, Squid! Looks great and your XP has been updated!

  • For those of you who have attended the ConSuite Panel (or who want a peek at the sort of information that will be in the next expansion) here’s the link to download the handout that goes with it:

  • We make these so often–they go great with any type of soup or stew, or a ham.

  • Corn Muffins–the hole in the center is where I insert a sliver of butter into the center of the muffins after they've come out of the oven.

  • Skill Level 3

    350 XP

    Link up your delectable images for your own piece of the XP!

  • As usual, I try to do a good thing (update the site and all it’s plugins) and things go to hell. Namely, my theme decides to develop issues (again) upon update and so I’ve decided to put a new on in its place. […]

  • I don’t know about you, but I was not going to brave the crowds at the shops and malls today: no way, no how!

    I’m more of an online-shopper, and I suspect that many who read this might be, too. If you’ve been […]

  • Oh, yes, I went there. (Or, you know, will go there once we get to the next game diary update.)

    But first, a bit of wonderment from my over-tired and over-stimulated brain.

    I realize that the set-up we’ve […]

  • Well, at least not the bonus kind brought on by participating in the monthly Recipe Challenge! Another month with no takers, it’s enough to make a girl ARRRR! in her Grog.

    (that was a very sad allusion to the […]

  • No, we didn’t just get back from Australia (though, really, how awesome would that be?!), we actually managed to all get together for a game session which means it’s time for another installment of…

    Vallora’s […]

  • It’s a sad, sad day at Raiding Party HQ. Minnie (my not-so-creatively-named Mac Mini from 2006ish) seems to have bit the dust.

    Now, granted, she was more of a media machine these days, playing Netflix, DVDs, or […]

  • Right here!

    Don’t ask, I don’t have an answer. Just to be completely clear.

    (Enough rhyming!)

    Sooooo! On the first of the month the second edition? episode? issue? of the League of Kitchen Adventurers […]

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