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  • That is hilarious! Not this past weekend, but the one before that (weekend of 9/22), my wife and I took the boys to Disney World and we watched Aladdin one night as well! (Also got to ride the Magic Carpets for […]


    You’ll like this one. šŸ™‚

  • Also, yeah, prone AND flanked should totally stack attack bonuses. Unless you have Phenomenal Cosmic Powers* there is no way to defend yourself in that position.

    (*”Itty bitty living space.”)

  • You are going to think I am being cute with this post, but I promise I am not.

    “Iā€™m really jealous of the Dual Strike, etc. powers that certain people have.”

    The first thing I thought of when I heard this […]

  • Is it bad that I saw “the 2nd Annual Unicorn Party” and read it as “the 2nd Annual UNICRON Party?” That would be a very different event, I imagine. šŸ™‚

    Isn’t it funny how as you get older, “too damn late” gets […]

  • I have never played an Evil campaign, although from what I have heard they are a balancing act. On the one hand it’s a lot of fun for the players to cut loose with no morals about what they do. But on the other […]

  • I am so glad to hear that the Con went well! I know that everyone I have told about the book has been very enthusiastic and interested in it, so clearly you have hit on a great concept for a cookbook. I am doing […]

  • I thought the only rule of Knife Club was Do Not Talk About Knife Club? Or is that too cliche?

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