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artist editions

Copies of my book, What to Feed Your Raiding Party

3, 2, 1… LIFTOFF!

Would you look at that.

Copies of my book, What to Feed Your Raiding Party

The books are here!

Okay, so I’ve been holding out on you, the books have been here for a few days, but I did have to do some finishing to them before they were ready for their close-up (namely applying the spine labels so the spines wouldn’t be quite so naked).

If I get Google hits from people looking for  “naked spine” pictures, there are going to be some sorely disappointed pervs out there.

Moving right along!

Status of the Pre-Orders

First, thank you to everyone who placed their pre-orders.  When you’re self-publishing on a shoestring, pre-order funds help take care of a lot of the little bits and pieces that go into getting those books properly launched from the nest and into the world. It’s also making it that much easier for me to book conventions (more on that, later) and do some promo bits.

Most of the pre-orders, I’m tickled to report, were for Artist’s Editions, which means I have to sit down and draw something in each of those before they can go out. I’m going in the order that the orders were placed (just seems fairest that way), so I will be sketching them up and sending them out over the next week or so. Those that are local, you’ll be getting a call or email from me to arrange pick-up/delivery. Those that are being shipped, you’ll be getting an email when they actually get mailed. Any questions, just email me.

And here’s the first 2 Artist’s Editions, just because we need a picture right about now.

Artist Editions of What to Feed Your Raiding Party have a sketch on the dedication page

T-Minus 2 Days Til Launch

My local comics shop, Secret Headquarters, aside from being a cool shop in general, is happily the first place my books will be available for sale on shelf with other real, live (dead tree) books. To kick off that awesome availability, we’ll be doing a Launch and Signing Event at the store this coming Saturday, June 9, from noon to 2 pm. There will be food (samples from the cookbook, duh!) and I will be signing the books purchased and those left as part of the shop’s inventory, so if you’re local and can’t make it during the signing, you’ll still be able to pick up a signed copy at the store and support a local business.

Sweet, huh?

Oh, and there might be some Free XP being handed out at the signing. Just saying.

File Under: Just for Fun

So last weekend I had a little bit of downtime and managed to put together something I’d had on my to-do list for a few months: T-Shirts!

Well, okay, technically 1 t-shirt design which is also available on aprons (appropriate, right?) through our nifty little Zazzle shop. This is both a test to see how something like this is received as well as if it would be worth it to have some made for cons and such. Right now, though, I’m not going to bother with inventory, we’re just going to keep this Print-on-Demand. I have another design in mind but it will have to wait until after this first wave of books is out the door.

Priorities, I has them!

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