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What A Weekend!

First things first: Ancient City Con was another fabulous show for us, and for that I say, to everyone there, THANK YOU!!!!

To tell you how great it was (without bragging too much and being obnoxious), we broke our previous convention sales record which was set at ACC last year. So, yeah, that was kinda cool. We also gave away so many samples. Something in the neighborhood of:

  • 72 Hot Wing Crackers w/Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus
  • 75ish servings of Corn Chowder
  • 125ish Lemon Squares
  • 140ish servings of Paladin Punch
  • 150ish Spinach Puffs
  • 144 Brownie Bites

That’s a LOT of samples ad we were happy to give every single one of them away. We ran out of everything but not too quickly–usually they lasted within an hour or so of when we were going to put out the next sample or pack up for the day. All in all I consider that a great balance to achieve. (From someone who is an almost compulsive over-do-er, this is kinda big for me.)

Something ELSE happened that was really cool while we were in Jacksonville.

Sunday morning before things really picked up, one of our fellow vendors (Mika of Zombie Love Squad, go check out her stuff!) suggested that we needed a low-cost way of trying out the book for folks who weren’t sure they were ready to spend $25 on it right then. We talked over some possibilities and in a very uncharacteristic move (for me, I usually think things over for ages before moving forward on a new idea) I decided to start offering just that. Right then. And so now I present to you the League of Kitchen Adventurers!

League of Kitchen Adventurers 1 Year Membership

So for $5 you get a 1 year subscription to a monthly email list. Each month you’ll get an email with one of the recipes from the book so you can start trying some things out and earning that XP. If, during your subscription year, you decide that you want to go ahead and buy the book, send me a message and we’ll set you up a one-time-use $5 discount on the price of the book. Essentially you lose nothing by trying it out, either way you benefit.

And if you decide (within the first 90 days of your membership) that the League just isn’t for you, then shoot me a message and we’ll refund you $5 and remove you from the list. Easy peasy! So what are you waiting for?!

And, of course, if you’d like a copy of What to Feed Your Raiding Party, you can certainly still order one through the usual channels. (Like the big ol’ Buy the Book link above or the shop tab on the Facebook page.) Speaking of facebook, you can see the pictures that we took at the Con on there as well!

Okay, that’s it for this week’s update. Don’t forget that the Challenge Recipe right now is Paladin Punch–super simple and ALMOST everyone loves it. Why not give it a chance, okay?


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