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Let the Secret-Keeping Begin!

Lights are lit (in some places, not our house, I’ve yet to find my holiday mojo), nog is ready to be consumed, and the holiday shopping has started.

Which also means the bag-hiding, package-intercepting*, and surprise plotting has kicked into gear, too.

Is anyone else horrible at secrets? It takes supreme effort for me to not to spoil a surprise I’m planning–I hate to wait, no patience whatsoever–and I usually figure out surprises others are trying to plan for me. It’s always been that way. (Though Todd seems to succeed more times that not.)

And it’s NOT because I snoop.

When I was a kid (ahem, teenager) I may have unwrapped and re-wrapped a few packages in my day, but I don’t pull that anymore.

It takes the fun out of the surprise.

But I still hate waiting.

And if you’ve got an impatient snooper on your hands, then my free gift-wrap offer is perfect for you: I use several layers of tissue paper so you can’t see through the paper and if you try to untape it, it just rips to pieces–no way to hide that one!

And there’s still time (at least if you’re in the U.S.) to order either a regular or artist edition in time for Christmas delivery (at least according to the USPS).

You know the drill: ready, set, order!

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