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Menu Planning August 3-9

There’s art happening! Honest to goodness pages! See?

Intro Pages 1-3
Intro Pages 1-3

True, I’d hoped to get more than 3 pages this week but, well, Monday night’s not exactly done, either. But I wanted to get the update out before I got distracted by panels and pages again.

Recipes to the Rescue
Recipes to the Rescue

Something came in today’s mail that you might find interesting. Seems Better Homes & Gardens thought a comic book-ish cookbook wasn’t a bad idea around 2000 and put one together. I found my copy for under $5 on eBay but there are plenty of copies of Recipes to the Rescue: Thrilling Kitchen Adventures…Just in the Nick of Time? for similar prices via Amazon’s Marketplace.

It’s quite full of the bright colors and exaggerated drama about needing dinner or snacks in an all-fired hurry. By my count it contains 73 recipes all with short ingredient lists and quick prep times. Plenty of overly concerned faces grace the pages but there’s no pictures of the food. And I was pretty cool with the ideas they were presenting until I came across the Fish Fillet Muffuletta.

The hell?

Now, I’m all for new twists on old favorites but there are some things that, if you change their basic components, they are no longer that thing. A muffuletta is one of them.

If you’ve never had this classic New Orleans sandwich, it’s made of salami, ham, olive salad, cheese and garlic all on a round loaf of bread. Frozen fish planks, coleslaw mix and salsa–salsa?!–cannot possibly compare.

Fish-plank sandwiches might be quite tasty… I think it’s just a stretch to call it a muffuletta.

That egregious lack of judgement aside, the rest of the recipes look fairly simple and tasty, worth checking out even if just for the novelty factor.


Speaking of novelty factor, I finally have a new episode of my podcast ready for consumption. Travel-themed music for your listening pleasure at!

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