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secret headquarters

There and Back Again–With Unicorns!


That’s the number of miles we put on Electra (my car) this weekend going to and from the Backwoods Comics Festival in Louisville, MS. It was a small show, but who do you guess was right behind us?

Another cookbook!

Of course, it wasn’t a comic book cookbook for gamers (as far as I know I’ve still got that micro-niche sewn up), but it was a fun fantasy-comic cookbook called Kingly Adventures Cookbook by Bryan King, of Neo-Earth webcomic. I haven’t had a chance to cook anything from it yet, but it looks like a lot of fun and I will be giving it a more thorough review at a later date.

Gotta support other drawing cooks out there!

This weekend, back in Tallahassee, is the 2nd Annual Unicorn Party at Secret Headquarters. This year it’s turning into quite the little mini-con with various local artisans setting up and selling their wares. I’m even working on a print to debut there. Here’s a hint: Drow.

Unicorn Party starts at 7–be there!

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