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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Or Red, Orange or Yellow.

If you’re a bell pepper, that is.

Then again, the pepper is probably A-OK being it’s lumpy, bumpy self and it’s just hard on us plebeians who are trying to dice it into nice, neat little strips or cubes.

Today’s peek comes from Chapter 2, SPOON, and is a two-fer. First, page 94 shows you my technique for easily dicing those pesky bell peppers with a minimum of fuss or waste–there are 20 of these full-page technique illustrations throughout the book. Then, page 95 is my recipe for Corn Chowder, Skill Level 2 and worth 225 XP. What I especially love about this chowder is the coconut milk–it goes so well with the corn, potatoes, pepper and onions that you don’t even realize what you’re eating is totally vegan!

WtFYRP Page 94-5 Corn Chowder & Bell Peppers (436)

And I got to see a proof of the book today! It looks so different when it’s trimmed down to size (all of my proofs were printed on 8.5×11 sheets, but the finished size is only 5.5×8.5)–but it a good, kinda cool way. We’re getting closer!

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