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Such good comfort food. So yummy.

Are You Up for the Challenge | Baked Ziti

Okay, you have until midnight (EDT) tonight to upload your photos of your White Chicken Chili and link to them in the forum to get your bonus XP! That’s it, you’ve got no more time after tonight.

Because as of today you have a new mission: Baked Ziti.

Such good comfort food. So yummy.
Such good comfort food. So yummy.

This month’s suggestion comes courtesy of DM Todd–or, well, his suggestion was casseroles of some sort, either this or the Beef Wellington. While I have no compunction against throwing y’all into the deep end, I thought it’d be better to keep things simple for a little longer, so Ziti it is!

Now, RP’s Ziti recipe, on page 131 in the Fahrenheit 350° chapter, features your usual tender pasta; meaty, savory sauce; and rich, cheesy goodness. We change things up a bit by adding goat cheese and tarragon to the standard ricotta layer. I think this gives it such a nice, subtle difference that my version stands out. You can use your favorite jarred tomato sauce or make your own (page 101).

Okay, now for the incentive. I must be feeling incredibly generous because I’m actually going to DOUBLE the XP. Yep, if you upload your picture proof of Baked Ziti between now and midnight on April 24 and link to it in the Baked Ziti thread you will earn a whopping 500 XP, not to mention have a fabulous dinner out of the deal. I mean really, how can you say no to that?! You can’t! So get into the kitchen and get cooking. Any questions? Leave them either on this post or the thread.

Remember, pictures or it didn’t happen, and you can either upload them onto your account here or anywhere else that can be publicly linked to, but you must leave your link in the appropriate forum so I’m sure to see it.

Ready, set, cook!

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