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Thank You (March)

You. Are. Awesome.

Thank you so much for being a part of What to Feed Your Raiding Party’s success! Feel free to download any of the wallpapers below for your personal use. Hopefully one of the sizes below will work okay for you, I did my best to get a good range among the various standard and widescreen resolutions.

March’s Wallpaper: The Short Order Ogre or the Short Ogre Cook–whichever you find easiest to say!

4:3ish Options

Semi-Standard Resolution


Hopefully one of these will work for your 4:3ish screens.

16:9ish Widescreen options



Hopefully these will work for any widescreen monitors you might have.

And, because someone spoke up, I’ve got one for the surprisingly widescreen netbook users out there. Try this 1388×768 on for size! (And know that I have mini-computer envy and only a willpower I didn’t know I had keeps me from ordering a little ‘book from Dell.)

Of course, we’re using the honor system here. Please don’t give out this link or send copies of the files to someone who hasn’t donated towards the project or made a purchase. You can come back here and redownload if you need, obviously, but let’s all play nice and do what we can to get this project in print and available, not hurt it’s chances, okay?

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